by Vidimvas

This post will be in English, because there is a slight possibility that some English speaking people might read it.

The Fault in our Stars is a book by the lovely Nerdfighter, Vlogbrother and Author John Green. I highly recommend reading it; for all my friends, you can borrow the book, just send me a text (SMS). If by any chance any librarians read this post: order it for your library now.

I love and adore the book, but I wonder if I would loved and adored it in the same way, if I hadn’t been there with John as he wrote it, talked about it, read out the first two chapters, seen the love and devotion other Nerdfighters have for his books. I wonder if I would have cried, if I haven’t read that people cried while reading it. There are several references in the book only a Nerdfigher knows about, I wonder how I would feel, if I didn’t know about the Vlogbrothers or Nerdfighteria.

*spoilers below*

I love the fact that the protagonist is a girl, that John was able to feel his way into a female teenagers mind. That is very rare and he does it very brilliantly. She is in every way a very powerful, emancipated, brave and lovable female protagonist … that is also very rare in literature. I love the fact, that he discusses disease, that he speaks about the truth that sick people experience … it reminds me of my own experience with cancer (no, I didn’t have cancer, I know people who did). People do not fight it heroically, they are not brave or dignified. They are scared, sick and they wish for a quick end. Or they keep it very private, they do not want people to know and face it with a ferocity of a wild animal. And survive. I love the fact that it reminds me of my first love and the feelings you have, when you first really love somebody .. the feeling of a connection to another human being and the realisation that there is somebody in the universe that understands you so perfectly, that you do not have to explain yourself.

I did something I have never dome before, I’ve written an Email to John expressing this enthusiasm I feel about his book. This post is also very different from my other posts, as it is very serious. And emotional … I don’t really do emotions …

I will now go to amazon and order all his other books, cuz I am hooked.

As we say in our home town: Don’t forget to be awesome.