by Vidimvas

Težko pišem o družini.

Nobody knows how to push your buttons as good as your family.

Družina je naša prva socializacijska sfera, primarna socializacija se tukaj dogaja, tako da je nemogoče biti objektiven, absolutno smo vedno ujeti v družini in je ne moremo videti jasno. Ampak vidimo jo pa vseeno. And I can’t even write it in Slovene, that is how emotionally damaged I am.

Ok, so my mum is cool. She gave me Kafka and Tolkien and Adams and books and an understanding of the world in a friendly and humane way. She may not be book smart, but she is people and street smart. My dad is an ass, to put it mildly. He gave me Henrix, Led Zeppelin, intelectualism and he turned me into a feminist. It is becouse of him in detest intelectualism, but also want to be an intelectual. Some of you know, I really do not get alnog with my dad. We are – sadly – too much alike. And he is mean, rude and sometimes a right pig, and that does not go together with the Big Intelectual he likes to give.

To the last person, my brother. I adore my brother, even though it annoys him. I would like to be a friend to him and a significant part in his live, someone who he can trust and come back to. My biggest fear in live is to loose him out of sight, and for us to just become persons to eachother. He doesn’t do emotions (he is I susspect similary emotionally damaged as I), but still I hope that he somehow knows this somewhere.

For the rest of my family … you are ok.

To je neumno … emotionally damaged, I told you.

In danes grem v törme, kar pomeni, da se zna zgoditi, da ne bo povstov čez vikend, ker bom tako sproščena, da ne bom mogla tipkat … motherfuckers.