by Vidimvas

Kaj sem že zadnjič rekla, da je definicija norosti? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

How about not being able to shut off my brain and preventing it from showing me images of things that will never be? How about thinking about what would have been and what could have been?

How about melting down at the optician for not being able to pick the right frame at once? And then missing the one person who could help me do that?

How about being so fucked up, that I can no longer trust anything that I feel? And at the same time still believing it? Believing, that it will happen and when it does, it will be perfect?

How about being so unstable that you cannot go one single day without feeling absolute love, absolute loneliness, absolute despair, absolute hate and absolute sadness? How about thinking that it will never end?

Danes sem utrujena. Utrujena sem od nenehnega prizadevanja, da bi se stvari nekam premaknile.

Danes sem žalostna. Žalostna zaradi stvari, ki se ne premaknejo.

In seveda sem danes razpizdena do amena. Razpizdena do amena, ker se je premikanje stvari že spet premaknilo.

… in the meantime, please enjoy some Brandon Boyd art and music from Incubus …