by Vidimvas

I am an impulsive person. Always has been. Nikki Sixx je o Kat von D zapisal “She is wall-to-wall heavy metal, a B-52 bomber dropping nuclear F-bombs on full-tilt boogie, guns blazing, all the while balancing on top of eight-inch stripper platform shoes…” I like to believe that I channel some of Kats energy now and then… just you know, not with the shoes. And I like to believe, that that is the right way to live.


Da še malo citiram Nikki Sixxa: “… every coin has two sides, but the saying is, that there are three sides to every story.” I hide some things and let only a few people see them. I trust, am betrayed and I hurt. I stumble and I fall. And pick myself up again. And there might be three sides to every story, but I no longer care. I care about my side.


In moja stran trenutno posluša Tilly and the Wall. I am a true hipster. A veste, da imajo poleg bobnarja, tap plesalko, ki ne bobna, ampak tap danca zraven beata? Halo?!?!? Kje ste še videli bend, ki ima bobne, pa jih tudi nima!?!?!?! How awesome is that.

Moja stran komaj čaka, da gre v London. Moja stran meditira in je končno našla nekaj miru. Moja stran ima dovolj and is moving. Moja stran je moja.