by Vidimvas

To sem. Sanctuary knows the best games in te res ne morem pozabiti. Ker me je precej dobro zadela.

Zadeva je zelo enostavna. Vaše tri najljubše živali, rangirane 1-2-3 glede na njihove lastnosti na podlagi katerih, si jih izberete. Moje tri živali so po redu 1-2-3 volk, hijena in mustang. The reasoning is very simple and very me.

Wolf. Canis lupus. The great loners of the wild, yet travelling in a pack consiting of a male and female, that pair for life. Highly social and inteligent, yet ferocious and wild. Seen as the great predator in the wild, but usually a family with an alpha pair, the alpha female and alpha male. Wild, free and loyal. That is how I see myself, what I value in life and what I strive to be.


Hyena. Crocuta crocuta. The laughing wild one from the African planes. Weird looking, an absolute matriarchy, living in large clans, where every female always outranks every male. Females have a pseudo penis. Chrushing bones, while nurturing the young. Always on top, always laughing and not giving a fuck. This is how (I think) others see me.


Mustang. Equus ferus. This one took the longest to chose, it is how I see myself at the moment … what I am the moment. The one image I have of the mustang, is the running in the prairie. Just endless running, being completely free and just going going going going going … never stoping, always moving. I may not know exactly who I am, but I am free.


Od marmornih, črnih, ostrih kock, do meglenih in rubikovih kock, preko govorečih konj in ležečih lestev, ki jih preskakuješ na svojem črnem vrancu … najdeš sebe in ugotoviš, da včasih zelo neumne igrice veliko več povedo o tebi, kot pa si pripravljena priznati.