by Vidimvas

And I can’t even articulate my thoughts into a coherent unit.

Tole bo nadaljevanje prejšnjega povsta. In bo samo bluzenje, o tem, kako bi vedno moralo biti, ne pa da si stojimo na poti, smo prestrašeni, se slabo počutimo in nismo prepričani.

Head on, always moving forward, not holding back, telling the truth, running, screaming, howling at the moon. Dancing naked in the flat, singing like you are a rock star, swinging your ass like you are a stripper, moving with sex dripping down your knees. Speaking with confidence, speaking kindly, speaking the truth, not asking permission, but taking control. Being honest, taking action, doing you life. Letting people come in, inviting people to stay, seeing them in you and letting them see themselves in you. Biting, scratching, hurting, drawing blood, licking and kicking. Going deep down and always finding new places to dwell into, losing yourself in another. Gripping, clawing, not touching, leaving traces on people, sweating, rocking and breathing together. Hickies and bruises and scars and marks from your living, from your life, from your loving. Exploding, imploding, ever circling, ever traveling, ever moving. Daring to go the distance, daring to live like you want to, daring to love like you want to, daring. Finding and fighting and losing and crying and winning and laughing.  Gasping for air when it hits you … the knowing that it is right, when you feel it, when you  know it. Unable to articulate thoughts into a coherent unit, when I see.

Also, ali lahko že komentiram marec? Do njega me loči še en slab teden in že se kaže, da bo še bolj utrgan, kot februar in januar skupaj. I mean, what gives? Ko sem si rekla, da bo 2014 moar … bom očitno dobila to. Moar … okay, I guess.

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